Liechtenstein gets a TV station

by Michael Kuipers 1,442 views

It's a well known fact that the first thing any country wishing to enter the Eurovision Song Contest must have is a national broadcaster that is an active member of the European Broadcasting Union.

For Liechtenstein, a tiny Alpine microstate nestled between Austria & Switzerland, this has prevented them entering in the 70s, when an entry for Biggi Bachmann was even chosen, before being disqualified by the EBU for this reason.

However all that may be set to change as on the 15th August, the new television station 1FLTV began broadcasting, as the world's first ever television station based in Liechtenstein.

1FLTV is a station that has been licensed by the government of Liechtenstein, so will most likely be eligible to join the European Broadcasting Union should it wish to. At the moment, the channel does not have its own website, but the startup and continued broadcasting of the channel is well documented on Liechtensteinian news sites.

As yet it is unclear whether 1FLTV would be interested in entering the Eurovision Song Contest for Liechtenstein, but for the first time, it is a real possibility.

Liechtenstein is a microstate with close ties to Switzerland, its population of around 37,000 puts it ahead of Monaco and San Marino but behind other Eurovision countries. The capital is located at Vaduz.