“Winner Ani Lorak” headlines independence party

by Benny Royston 62 views

Former Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest representatives Tina Karol and Ani Lorak will headline the nation's independence day celebrations on Monday August 25th. The country is celebrating it's 17th year as an independent country and lists Ruslana's Eurovision Song Contest victory as one of the highlights of it's short recent history bringing the eyes of the world to Kiev and pride to the nation just months after the Orange Revolution.

As part of four days of celebrations, the finale will be a huge concert in the heart of Kiev, once the Eurovision Square where thousands of residents gathered to watch the live broadcast of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. They will be treated to live performances from Tina Karol, who took Ukraine back to the Eurovision Song Contest final in 2006 with Show me your love, and this year's runner-up, Ani Lorak.

Ani's performance in Belgrade delighted her fellow countrymen and she was rewarded with a medal from the Ukrainian president as a hero of the people. Local media simply refer to her as the true winner of the contest.