Graham Norton and a new selection show for UK

by Benny Royston 77 views

It seems almost certain that Terry Wogan will now step down as the United Kingdom commentator at the Eurovision Song Contest. Speculation about who will replace him has outstripped talk of who might represent the country in the competition itself. It seems that the BBC are now looking at 'life without Wogan' as a new start for their participation at the Eurovision Song Contest, with Graham Norton being lined up to front a brand new selection process.

So far, Graham Norton has been installed as the hot favourite to replace Terry Wogan. Already a hugely popular chat show host and entertainer, he was widely applauded for his part as co-host of the first ever Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007 and will again host the show in Glasgow next month.

It will be revealed tomorrow by The Sun newspaper that a review of the national selection is underway, and Graham Norton has been approachedto front a new look selection show.that will look to take on the popular X Factor show and provide members of the public with the chance to win the right to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.

The Sun reports that a BBC insider stated "The BBC need an alternative and Graham is their man. He is currently talking to bosses about the Song For Europe show, which will run some time in March next year. Execs have big plans for the show and want to make it more glitzy, with one eye on X Factor".

Is this the beginning of a new dawn for the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest? Time will tell. In the mean time, has launched a poll asking readers who they would like to see as the next United Kingdom commentator at the Eurovision Song Contest.