France: El Chiki Chiki, a summer hit?

by Dominique Dufaut 158 views

This year�s Spanish entry, Baila el Chiki Chiki by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre has just been released as a CD single in France, with a big campaign of promotion by TV channel M 6, on which the video is often played.

The CD single is published by M 6 Interactions, the channel’s own label. It includes the 3-minute original version, the video but also a “French version” of the song partly sung in bad French by a certain Pablo Uno and written by someone called “Alias”! It is already placing on 6th spot of the weekly Muzikcast TV 60, a list compiling broadcasts on all musical TV channels in France. You cancheck this listhere.

This is actually no big surprise to see the song commercialized in France. Last year Ukraine’s entrant, Verka, was also released, both on CD single and on CD album, under the same label. The song even placed into the Top 10 of the official sales list.Another Eurovision related song had its single available on the French market: María Isabel’s 2004 Junior Eurovision song, Antes muerta que sencilla, was a real big hit on Summer 2005, reaching the 32th place of the annual TOP 100 French sale lists. This time again, label M6 Interactions signed the deal with the original record company.

Back to Rodolfo, the man had a certain number of articles in the French press right before the contest, all dealing with the funny “coup” made by the man and its producers, as well as on lyrics of the very first version.

A big thank you to Alain.

Here is the Spanish entry at Eurovision 2008: