Belgium: Become one of the KMG�s producers!

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Last year�s Belgian entrants, the KMG�s (Krazy Mess Groovers) are presently searching for a producer to give birth to their second CD � the debut CD was released in 2006, under the title Funk Soul Power. And everyone can help them, buying a share of 10 euros (or more, of course).

“We are now working on a new album. If you want to help us, you have the possibility to finance the KMG’s. Just go on… That can be read on the group’s Myspace. When on, people discover a lot of Belgian artists, who have chosen this way to raise funds for their projects.Regarding the KMG’s , a total of 5 songs can be heard, 4 being recorded “live” and the other one as a “demo”. Until today, the 9-musicians band has received 5,650 euros, which makes 11% of the price of a CD album production.

The group will be on stage next September 12 at the Strassen Musik Festival, in Luxembourg, and each Friday night, 10 PM, from September 20 on, at the Live Music Café, in Brussels.

With Love power, the KMG’s placed second to last in Helsinki, failed to qualify Belgium for the 2007 Eurovision final.

An article by Dominique Dufaut.

KMG for Belgium at Eurovision 2007.

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