France: Cindy and Mourad struggle for Eurovision

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It is extremely rare for Eurovision to be a matter of discussion so early in France. By the way, this is no official information but only two artists who have recently expressed their will to represent their country in Moscow next year: Cyndi Sander and Mourad.

First on line is Cindy Sander. The singer, aged 30, has been rejected for the final line-up of candidates at this year's Pop Idol (Nouvelle star in France), on private channel M6. The girl found the decision not justified, she complained and received good feedback from the public. That's how she managed to make a deal with Sony-BMG France and had her song Papillon de lumière on CD single. Her songreached 14th place some weeks ago in the official French sales list. She was even invited during a prime-time Pop Idol episode. Most of the articles written on her show how she worked hard to get fame… but also make a joke on her.

To keep the media attention on her, Cyndi recently made a statement in at least 2 magazines. In Voici, the lady talked about Sébastien Tellier, this year’s French entrant. “I do like people living on another planet, I am that kind of peole, but this year, he was really too strange. It is time for France to win Eurovision again. I already tried three times to be selected. If I am chosen, I will do my best”.

Another potential entrant is Mourad. The man has his own Myspace website with the following invitation: "Mourad wants Eurovision. Say yes to his candidacy and click here". The website of the singer gives a lot of details on his career, which mostly consisted in concerts given everywhere in France, mostly on summer tours with other artists. Born with Tunisian origins (like Amina's), Mourad met Natasha St-Pier (France 2001) and Corneille (France 2006's composer and lyricist) 4 years ago "in a memorable concert" in the east of France.More original is the fact that Mourad's biography is to be foundin Russian, as the artist frequently travelled and sang there.

Information on the man and 4 songs to be listened to can be found hereand on his official Myspace here.

Special thanks to Jef.

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