JESC – Romania: Madalina and Andrada win National Final

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Romania, is about to hold its national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008 now. The show will be broadcasted live on TVR1 and will start at 14:10 CET (15:10 local time) and will be repeated at 22:10 CET (23:10 local time.) You can watch the live and repeated National final through this article.

Romania: Junior Eurovision 2008 National Final click here!

Romania: Junior Eurovision 2008 National Final (Repeat) click here!

A Live webcast link will appear on this article just before the show starts.

Keep refreshing this article for live updates. This article is constantly being updated.

The show has started…

Last years representatives 4KIDS who reached the 10th place with 54 points are currently performing.

Song 01. Alina Manuel PĂUN (12) – Voi canta pe Broadway (I Will SIng On Broadway)

Alina is on stage with 4 junior female backing dancers. Dressed in a peach and red, the song is fairly jazzy in style.
The song has alot of similarity with the New York, Broadway scene.

Song 02. Roberta Andreea ENIŞOR (10) – Prin lume (Through the World)

Roberta is joined on stage with 3 female junior backing dancers in pink and black. Dressed in pink, she performs an upbeat pop number.
Very much a young girls dance tune.

Song 03. ŞCOALA 45 (12) – Scoala 45 (School 45)

A rap number with 2 guys and 4 female junior backing dancers. Dressed in blue and white tracksuits, this is an upbeat and very hip-hop style tune.

Song 04. MIRAJ (12) – Miraj (Mirage)

A group number, in an upbeat pop style. Consisting of5 girls and1 guy, this song is very catchy and features an electric guitar solo. Very contemporary kids group song with a typical Eurovision style.

Song 05. Thalida TROFIN (11) – Pot zbura(I Can Fly)

Dressed in witches hats with brooms as a prop, this song has a very catchy tone to it. Sung as a solo, with4 girls providing backing vocals aswell as dancing.

Song 06. Lavinia IONIŢĂ (12) & Denisa CIOBANU (11) – Fete bune (Good Girls)

2 girls are singing with 2 boys and 2 girls providing dance and backing vocals. Very much a high school dance number. Backing dancers are dressed in tshirts while the singers are dressed in colourful "maids" type outfits.

Song 07. Madalina LEFTER (10) & Andrada POPA (11) – Salvati planeta (Save The Planet)

Opens as a ballad then turns into a dance number. 5 girls in this group. Dressed in colourful dresses. Very very catchy number. Fantastic voice from lead singer.

Song 08. Laurentiu Gariel ANDREI (11) – Sarmalute'n foi de vita*

Dressed in typical Romanian style clothes, joined by 3 femaile dancers. This song is a very tradition pop gypsy style song.

Song 09. RBL (15) – Prietene mereu (Friends forever)

A hip hop style song featuring 3 female lead vocals with 3 male backing singers/dancers dressed in orange t-shirts. Very colourful rock, rap, hiphop style tune.

Song 10. D&D (11) – Reggetton-Rocko

This song is a reggae rock style song. Dressed in red, white and black, thereis 1 male and 1 female lead vocalist and a male backing singer on a keyboard piano. A cross between, reggae, hiphop and rap.

Song 11. Georgia Petruta DASCĂLU (12) – Copil si inger (Child and angel)

Very powerful ballad. Dressed in toga style outfits, Georgia is joined on stage by 3 backing vocalists. This song shows off thequality of her voice.

Song 12. Diana CĂLDĂRARU (10)- Micul Mozart (Litle Mozart)

Diana begins playing on a piano and turns into a dance solo. She constantly returns to the piano time and again.

Televoting has begun…

Interval acts are currently performing.

Televoting has ended.

The result is about to be revealed, shortly.

Georgia Petruta DASCĂLU (12) – Copil si inger (Child and angel) has won the televote and has received 12 points.

Madalina LEFTER (10) & Andrada POPA (11) – Salvati planeta (Save The Planet) received 10 points from the televote for coming 2nd.

However thats not the overall result.

Points are currently being revealed from the jury.

Madalina LEFTER (10) & Andrada POPA (11) – Salvati planeta (Save The Planet) received 12 points from thejury vote.

Georgia Petruta DASCĂLU (12) – Copil si inger (Child and angel) hascome 2nd inthejury voteand has received 10 points.

Full results:

01. Madalina Lefter & Andrada Popa – Salvati Planeta – 22 points
02. Georgia Dascalu – Copil si inger – 22 points
03. D&D – Reggaeton-Rocka – 12 points
04. Roberta Enisor – Prin lume – 12 points
05. RBL – Prietene mereu – 11 points
06. Alina Paun – Voi canta pe Broadway – 11 points
07. Miraj – Miraj – 9 points
08. Lavinia Ionita & Denisa Ciobasu – Fete bune – 8 points
09. Thalida Trofin – Pot zbura – 7 points
10. Diana Caldararu – Micul Mozart – 2 points
11. Scoala 45 – Scoala 45 – 1 point
12. Gabitzu – Sarmaluten'n foi – 0 points

If there was a tie for 1st place then whichever song scored highest with the Jury will represent Romania.

In the overall result, Madalina LEFTER (10) & Andrada POPA (11) – Salvati planeta (Save The Planet) has won the ticket to represent Romania at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Cyprus on November 22nd.

Watch the winning song here:

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