Club Kung-Fu leads in most of the polls

by Remi Kübar 77 views

Most of the musicians in Estonia seem to think that Claire's Birthday is good, but the winner of televoting will be Vanilla Ninja. Estonian newspaper SLÕhtuleht made the research.

What is the phenomena of girl-band Vanilla NInja? They seem to lead in every poll available in web. In they lead with approximately 45% of the votes, in with 32%.

Also some of the so called Eurovision experts favour the song. They say that it's as catchy and simple song as last years' public favourite “Another Country Song“. Jaak Joala, one of the 'godfathers' in Estonian music scene said: “Although I haven't heard Claire's Birthday's and Slobodan River's song I think that Club Kung-Fu is the most euro of all of them.” He thinks that the idea of the song might be something which can make a breakthrough in Europe.

As for Claire's Birthday's 'Eighties Coming Back' many of the interviewed musicians agree that it's simply too good for Eurovision and it wouldn't make it to the top. Janika Sillamaa, the first artist to perform for Estonia in the beginning of 90ies said: “The performance was convincing, made with heart and soul. It's a very honest song and I like this kind of music.

But so far enjoy the songs, videos and photos in and make up your own mind. The international jury will make the decision on February 8th and we'll see if the public and jury will think the same this time.

Kadi Toom is performing two songs for Estonian pre-selection.
(Copyright: SLÕhtuleht)