Marchal: song contest will keep it's identity

by Sietse Bakker 316 views

After the rumours and heavy discussions the last days about the Eurovision logo and the name 'Eurosong', ESCTODAY contacted the organisation of the contest. Mrs. Christine Marchal explained the situation to us.

“We think it would be better to find a common simple and short name to designate the contest the same way in all countries. In view of our latest discussion, it seems that when we need to have a short common name, we will use Eurovision (and not eurosong), so I think everybody will be happy with that”. Also, she said that only the national finals might have the name Eurosong, while the contest will keep the name Eurovision Song Contest.

“Concerning the logo, it would be better for a lot of reasons here also to have some consistency, so it is true that we are working on the design of a logo that would be the same over the years, but yet that should be able to be slightly adapted each year by the host broadcaster. It is not a matter of commerce, it is a matter of image and consistency, which only objective is to strengthen the contest. We are in the process on working on it so no

final decision has been made, not even for the contest 2002″, Mrs. Marchal said about the 'brand logo'.

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