Dutch television host: I came in without presscard

by Sietse Bakker 201 views

Today the Dutch television channel V8 broadcasted the weekly show 'Zoey Zapt'. Host Eddy Zoey imitates people and makes jokes of everything. He was live at the ESC in Copenhagen !

Eddy Zoey tried to came in at the Parken without press accreditation. He succeeded and came in without a card. He let everybody say 'Ik ben tof', what means 'I am cool'. After that he said to the German Michelle that she was the Dutch Michelle. She was so angry about that she refused to say 'Ik ben tof'. “No sence of humor, that German folk”, Eddy Zoey said.

Eddy spend two days in the Parken Press Center without card. He interviewed people and said he hosted a children show. After two days he went out again. “We haven't seen you going in that time”, the guards said when he came out.