Austria: Zoë unveils Loin d’ici music video

by Jessica Weaver 497 views

The official Austrian music video for Zoë’s Eurovision entry, Loin d’ici, has been released today.

Following Zoë’s victory at the Austrian national final last month, the Austrian team behind this year’s Eurovision entry have working hard on the creation of official music video for the country’s entry.

Produced by Ramon Rigoni, who has worked with a number of singers over the years including 2 former Eurovision representatives, Trackshittaz and Natália Kelly, the idea behind the music video was to create a fantasy world but to bring Zoë to the forefront, as the director explains.

Speaking of the Loin d’ici music video Zoë revealed:

We wanted a certain retro look for the video. We have let ourselves be inspired by the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine and based something on this type; simple and magical.

The singer’s dress in the music video was created by Austrian designer Michel Mayer and was made specially for the video.

Watch Zoë’s official music video below!

Back in February, Zoë was selected to represent Austria at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest after winning the country’s national final, Wer singt für Österreich?. Zoë will compete in the first semi-final of the competition on the 10 May with her entry Loin d’ici, the first Austrian entry to be performed entirely in French.

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