Albania: Eneda Tarifa presents her Fairytale

by Pete Lewis 564 views

Eneda Tarifa has presented her song for Albania in Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Fairytale.

The singer was amongst the first artists to be selected for the Eurovision Song Contest in May, following her win in the country’s Festivali i Këngës in December.

She won the Albanian festival with the original Albanian-language version of her song, Përrallë.

It was revealed weeks ago that Eneda decided she will be sending an English language version of the song to Stockholm, but fans have had to wait to get a chance to hear the final version.

The reveal of Fairytale comes just a day before the deadline to submit entries to the EBU and the head of delegation meeting in Stockholm.

The song was premiered this evening during the news broadcast on the Albanian broadcaster’s RTSH1 channel.

Eneda will perform Fairytale in the second half of the second semi-final.

Last year, Albania were represented by Elhaida Dani. She managed to reach the final in Vienna and placed 17th in the grand final.

Her song I’m alive picked up 34 points.

What do you think of the new version of Albania’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016?

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