Freddie: “I want to bring the deepest in my soul out in Stockholm”

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We managed to talk to Freddie right after winning A Dal 2016 and getting the Hungarian ticket to Eurovision 2016. Here is what he had to tell us about his feelings and plans for the big stage in Stockholm

How do you feel right now?

“I’m thrilled at the moment, it’s really hard to find a word, it has been the ultimate pleasure to be on the stage, I’m really really glad that we could do it all the way long. I would really like to thank all our supporters, it means a lot that they have been following this show and been on our side and provide the number of votes and points. I would like to thank the jury, their opinions about our song gave us the opportunity to make it better. I would really thank everybody who gave just a little spice to our performance.”

Did you ever think that you might not win the competition? You won the heats and various polls around the web.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to win the heats but it’s different to be in the final. I was really excited, I just couldn’t wait to get on the stage. I prepared myself as I would like to when hear my name and my song title, but I told myself that until then I’m not going to think about anything like that. Because of that, probably i need to get a couple days to take all these things up.”

Do you already plan any changes to the song or to the performance?

“(Laughing) You mean under the five minutes that passed since I won?”

You changed the performance from the heat to the semifinal.

“We were trying to fix the flaws and make it better and better, but Stockholm is a different thing. It’s magnificent stage, I don’t know how much times bigger than this one. We are going to need a lot work to make it work there but I’m up to it and I can’t wait for that.”

Hungary has been tipped to win the Eurovision Song Contest a few times before, with Kati Wolf (2011) and András Kallay-Saunders (2014). Do you think you can make it for Hungary this time?

“All I wanna do is go there and sing my heart and soul out, it’s the only thing I would like to do. If I’m going to touch a lot of people, then maybe it is possible. I don’t know, I don’t wanna think about that, all I wanna do is to sing my heart out and bring the deepest in my soul out on stage.

Freddie also got the time to thank you all for the support. Check out his message for you:

Stay tuned to for more news regarding Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016!

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