Second ticket sale for Eurovision 2016 on 29 February

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The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet had reported that an additional ticket sale will take place during next week, with a total of 2000 tickets on sale. The Swedish broadcaster SVT has confirmed that a ticket sale will take place on 29 February at 10:00 CET, but with a total of 10000 tickets to go on sale. It will be the second ticket sale out of a total of four sales.

The first ticket sale took place on 26 November 2015 where people could get Eurovision tickets as christmas gifts for their families and friends, and tickets were sold out quickly.

The second ticket sale will take place on Monday, 29 February, at 10:00 CET, with about 1000 tickets for each show going on sale. “Details regarding the TV production – sketches and stage drawings – are in an advanced stage now, so we could free more places. It means that more people have the chance to experience the shows on location in Globen and there are so many possibilities – one can go with the children for an afternoon rehearsal and watch the Swedish entry rehearsing on stage or to experience the live broadcast of the final”, says Martin Österdahl, the executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.


The official ticket office for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest is and fans are encouraged to get their tickets only from the official site.


Here is a general map of the Ericsson Globe Arena, which will host the contest:



Preliminary ticket prices were announced. They vary between the different shows and categories. No information was released about parquet ticket sale, at this stage they are probably reserved to the various OGAE fans.

Table Key:

  • A = Category A (A1-A30)
  • B1 = Category B Longside (B5-B12, B20-B27)
  • B2 = Category B Shortside (B13, B15, B17, B19)
  • B3 = Category B Upper Shortside (B14, B16, B18)
  • B4 = Category B Upper Shortside rows 21-22 (B1, B3, B14, B16, B18, B29)
  • C = Category C (C5-C13, C20-C28)

Prices are as the following (in SEK):

Show Date and Time A B1 B2 B3 B4 C
Semifinal 1 – Jury 09/05/2016 21:00 475 320 215 170 120
Semifinal 1 – Family 10/05/2016 15:00 475 320 215 170 120
Semifinal 1 – Live 10/05/2016 21:00 1370 1055 850 535 320
Semifinal 2 – Jury 11/05/2016 21:00 475 320 215 170 120
Semifinal 2 – Family 12/05/2016 15:00 475 320 215 170 120
Semifinal 2 – Live 12/05/2016 21:00 1370 1055 850 535 320
Grand Final – Jury 13/05/2016 21:00 1370 1055 850 535 320
Grand Final – Family 14/05/2016 13:00 850 535 430 320 215
Grand Final – Live 14/05/2016 21:00 2670 2370 1825 1055 535


Two additional ticket sales are planned to take place during Spring 2016.

Stay tuned to for more news regarding Tickets to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

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