United Kingdom: Cheryl interviewed on Irish television

by Gavin Murray 47 views

Winners of Eurovision Song Contest 1981, Cheryl Baker member of Bucks Fizz with the song Making your mind up spoke to Aisling O'Loughlin on entertainment news programme XPOSÉ.

Cheryl Baker, who is on a whirlwind trip of Ireland,appeared yesterday on TV3 Ireland's XPOSÉ and was interviewed by reporter Aisling O'Loughlin.

Aisling: For Euroviison 1981, where did you get the skirts idea from in your performance?

Cheryl: It was an idea, we didn't know whether if the song was a 1960's type song where we would have worn a mini skirt or a 1950's rock'n'roll type song where we would have worn knee length skirts. So I came up with the idea, which I thought was only a joke, "why don't we have both." Everyone said that's a great idea but at the time I thought they wouldn't take the idea seriously but they did. So we wouldn't have won Eurovision if it wasn't for the skirts!

Aisling: Ireland came last in Eurovision 2007, last year!

Cheryl: So did we (UK 2003). We're old Europe that's the trouble.

Aisling: What is your opinion of the contest now?

Cheryl: It's… It's… I can't say what it is.

Aisling: Do you think it's (Eurovision) is fixed?

Cheryl: I don't think it's fixed but I think its as politically wrong as it could ever possibly be.

Aisling: This year for Ireland we have Dustin the Turkey representing us at Eurovision 2008. Have you heard his song?

Cheryl: I havn't heard his song. I know his uncles or cousins are Podge & Rodge. If he's got the humour who what Podge & Rodge have got…

Aisling: He's even worse than them.

Cheryl: …I think you've got a very good chance of winning.

Aisling: Now Cheryl, you look absolutely fantastic but you did suffer from hair loss.

Cheryl: Yes, it happened when I had my kids and when I went through the menopause and it's hard. For men,they expect or accept to lose their hair for women it's not. So I'm here promoting a product that promotes hair growth. I take it because I want my hair in good condition and I want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Aisling: Thank you Cheryl and I hope you enjoy your time in Ireland.

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