All Polish final tunes downloadable online

by Bjørn Erik Opheim 121 views

Each and single one of the 14 songs in the Polish national final Eurowizja 2003, which will take place on 25 January, are now available for downloading online. Four of them are available in their full lenght.

Thanks to the facilitation accomplished by the website, we can now proudly inform you that the six first entries of the Polish national final are available for downloading and listening as MP3 files.

To download the song Pia, which will be sung by the artist Zdobywcy Pewnych Oskarow, and which is the first entry to be performed during the Polish final night, click on this link.

The third final entry to be performed is called Waiting For You (Tam gdzie ty), and will be performed by Stachursky. At the moment the song is only available in its Polish version, although it will be performed in English. Follow this link to download the song.

The popular group Blue Café, a nominee to the MTV Music Awards last year, will perform You may be in Love in Eurowizja 2003. An audio file of 80 seconds duration can be downloaded here. This song is also available in a video clip of ten minutes duration from the production of their commercial video. The British website OnEurope is providing a MP3 file of the song in its entire lenght at their page dedicated Eurowizja 2003.

The last song of the Polish final, Here comes your time, will be presented on stage by Jan Benedek and is accessible from this link.

Entry number ten to be performed during the Polish national final, Magda Femme & Spotlight and their song I believe in you, is available in an one minute version.

The tune Ha-Dwa-O will be performed by Tylko Bądź as entry number twelve. is offering you to download a 90 second fragment of their song.

In the meantime since this story was originally written, has launched a brand new download centre where you can find audio clips of all the 14 contestants in the Polish national final.

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