Sweden: Results of Heat 1 of Melodifestivalen 2016

by Alex Stewart 679 views

This evening saw the first heat of the legendary Melodifestivalen 2016 take place. Tonight was the starting point of a mammoth 6-week search to determine who will represent Sweden at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest on home soil in Stockholm later this year.

Tonight we saw 6 participants compete in heat 1 which was held in Göteborg at the legendary Scandinavium. The evening was hosted by Gina Dirawi and Petra Meade and we saw two contestants qualify direct to the grand final on the 12th March and a further two progress to Andra Chansen scheduled for the 5th March in Halmstad.

During the show, the 2006 Spanish Eurovision participants Las Ketchup performed their ’00s hit Asereje. 


Direct to the Grand Final in Stockholm

  • Ace WilderDon’t worry
  • Robin BengtssonConstellation prize

Direct to Andra Chansen

  • Albin Johnsén & Mattias AndréassonRik (Rich)
  • Samir & ViktorBada nakna (Swim naked)


Melodifestivalen 2016 dates

  • 06/02 Heat 1 – Göteborg
  • 13/02 Heat 2 – Malmö
  • 20/02 Heat 3 – Norrköping
  • 27/02 Heat 4 – Gävle
  • 05/03 Andra Chansen – Halmstad
  • 12/03 Final – Stockholm

Sweden has won the Eurovision Song Contest on 6 occasions starting with ABBA in 1974 and more recently this year with Mans Zelmerlow’s Heroes.

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