Live: Beovizija final in Serbia

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The national final of the host country of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Serbia, is about to take place. You can watch the Webcast by following one of the links below.



Live coverage by Zlatko Iker.

If crashes due to server capacity, you can visit the livelog until the site comes back.

The show has started.

The Serbian national final Beovizja has just started with two host couples Branislav Katić & Kristina Radenković and Nina Radulović & Đorđe Maričić singing Belgrade – a song dedicated to this year's host city. Ironically, the same song was originally perfomed by the band Zana who yesterday failed to reach the final show.

The hosts reminded us how to vote for the songs and introduced the jury. After quick messages from the sponsors the show finally starts!

1. Betty BoopKvar

The teenage girlie trio gave an energetic performance of this teenage rock song. It sounded much better than last night and the crowd seams to like it very much. This sounded like a cross between Avril Lavigne and Anonymous.

2. Beauty Queens Dobra vila

There were some sound problems in the second performance, especially in the middle. The Beauty Queens looked good on stage and delivered their song well. Overall a professional impression. They are hot favourites tonight – very lauf applause by the audience.

Interval act – Two host couples jumping and running on stage performing something we should consider to be a rock tune – which made them loos their breath.

3. Drum'n'ZezDunav

Dunav je moje more – The Danube is my sea. Well, the members of Drum'n' Zez certainly believe in that as they are dressed in some sort of beach wear. It looks quite messy on the stage but it suits this funny little tune perfectly. Mild reaction from the audience.

4. Marko Vulinovic – Sada ili nikada

A very nice performance of this typical balkan male ballad by the young Marko. It looked very classy on stage with Marko and the band all dressed in black with lots of purple lights on the stage.

Interval act – One of the female hosts is singing a ballad alone on the stage

5. Aleksa Jelić i Ana ŠtajdoharBeli Jablan

Ana and Aleksa gave a confident performance of this funky song with ethno elements. Ana's vocals were brilliant, Aleksa was more focused on the complicated choreography. It received the loudest applause by the audience so far.

6. Studio Alektik i Cveta MajtanovićIznad nas

Cveta Majtanovis, the first Serbian Idol winner is accompanied on the stage with five female members of studio Alektik. They are all dressed in purple with most complicated hairstyle we've seen this season. Overall a decent performance.

Interval act – another off key playback performance by the hosts

7. Jelena TomaševićOro

Fist surprise of the evening! Bora Dugic, the famous Serbian musician is now on stage with Jelena. It received loud applause even before the song started. The performance is everything you would expect from a female Balkan ballad. The styling of Jelena and five other people on stage give a medieval touch. Even though Jelena's vocals were far from perfect this received extatic reaction by the audience.

8. Ognjen i prijateljiČućemo, čućete

The "grammar song" is next. After Oro it really doesnt sound impressive. Still, this elegant jazzy tune with weird lyrics was performed correctly and the audience rewards it was such.

9. Zoe Kida u Zemlji GruvaČudesni svetovi

That's what Pink would looklike if she was dressed by Amy Winehouse. Some Latin rhythms in the second last performance tonight. The whole acts seems to be pretty out-of-place but is definitely entertaining but still obviously no favourite tonight.

10. Lejla HotDa si tu

The final song tonight is a pretty nostalgic one. Lejla's entry has a very positive aura and her vocals are flawless. This entry could have been performed in any decade at the Eurovision Song Contest but it is performed in a more modern way.

4344 is the number for sms votes which starts now. The viewers will have to type BV + number of the song from 1-10.

Jelena Tomašević has won Beovizija and will represent Serbia at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

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