Moldova: Over 40 entries for O Melodie Pentru Europa

by Jessica Weaver 221 views

The Moldovan national broadcaster, TRM, has revealed that over 40 entries have been submitted for the upcoming Moldovan national selection, O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016.

Since October, artists and composers have had until today to submit their bidding entries to the Moldovan national broadcaster where it has since been revealed that over 40 entries have been submitted.

So far, 46 of the submitted entries have been uploaded to the official TRM website and are currently available to listen to. The list to date is as follows:

  • Alexandru CeapăViorele
  • Alexandru CibotaruDimineţi
  • Andrei Ioniţa & OnoffreiLie
  • Anna GulkoNever let go
  • Artur BreezeFar away
  • Big Flash SoundCând vrei
  • Buga ElenaNu mă-ntreba
  • Buga ElenaThe curtain falls
  • Che-MDVodă e cu noi
  • Chris MarooTonight
  • Criss JeffGood life
  • Cristina Pintilie & Alex Calancea BandPicture of love
  • Diana BrescanTill the end
  • Doiniţa GhermanIrresistible
  • DoReDoSFannyFolk
  • ELLETare
  • Felicia DunafYou and me
  • Ghennadi IvanovA good day
  • Katherine and LitesoundImagine
  • Lidia IsacFalling Stars
  • Max Fall & Vozniuc Dan & MalloyGame lover
  • Maxim ZavidiaLa la love
  • Mihai RaduI walk through fire
  • Nadejda RotaruZebra
  • Nadejda VolcDorul
  • Nadia MoşneaguMemories
  • Natalia MoraruPain
  • Olea RoşuVraja frumuseţii
  • Olga CapatinaSave my heart
  • PRIZARewind
  • Poison LustBlack magic
  • RAFAELLAHours lost
  • Rodica şi Ivan AculovStop lying
  • Russu EmiliaI am not the same
  • Samir LoghinNu pleca
  • Sandy CWeak for your love
  • Sasha BognibovAlone
  • Serghei LazarevGlossa
  • SerjcostonNoaptea dragostei
  • Valentin UzunMine
  • Valentina NejelVa fi târziu
  • Valeria PaşaSave love
  • Vasile MunteanO nouă zi
  • VictoriaImprovizaţii nocturne
  • ViolaIn the name of love
  • Vitalie TodiraşcuBelladonna

The list will be updated as more entries are revealed.

A familiar name on the list is Litesound, the Belarusian representatives at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. The trio feature alongside Moldovan singer Katherine with the entry Imagine.

Later this month on the 19 December, the 40+ bidding entries will be performed live to a special jury, who will then decide which 24 entries will compete in the semi-final stages of the national selection on the 23 and 25 February. The live auditions will air live via the official TRM website.

O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016 dates

  • 23/02: Semi-final 1 (12 competitors, 8 qualifiers)
  • 25/02: Semi-final 2 (12 competitors, 8 qualifiers)
  • 27/02: Grand Final (16 finalists)

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