Sweden: The rich list from 'Andra chansen' 2003-2007

by Leif Raberg 129 views

Stim.se presents now for first time the list of tunes from the Melodifestivalen second chance 2003-2007 that brought in the most income for their creators. In the top we find Alcazar, Shirley Clamp and Linda Bengtzing.

Stim is a legal special interest organisation that protects interests of authors and publishers of music in Sweden. Stim presents now a new list to us with the tunes that gathered in the most moneyfor music creators from the years 2003-2007, these are the songs that made it to Andra chansen.

These statistics builds on Stims information as given to compositors and text authors, how much their music has been played live, in radio, on TV and at the cinema. Record sales and downloadsare not included.

1. Not A Sinner Nor A Saint
Music and lyrics: Bobby Ljunggren / Tommy Lydell / Lotta Ahlin
Artist: Alcazar
Year: 2003
Melodifestival place: 3

2. Min kärlek
Music: Bobby Ljunggren / Henrik Wikström
Lyrics: Ingela ”Pling” Forsman
Artist: Shirley Clamp
Year: 2004
Melodifestival place: 2

3. Alcastar
Music and lyrics: Niklas Edberger / Anders Hansson / Johan Fransson /
Tim Larsson / Tobias Lundgren
Artist: Alcazar
Year: 2005
Melodifestival place: 3

4. Alla flickor
Music and lyrics: Niklas Edberger / Johan Fransson / Tim Larsson /
Tobias Lundgren
Artist: Linda Bengtzing
Year: 2005
Melodifestival place: 10

5. För att du finns
Music: Bobby Ljunggren
Lyrics: Sonja Aldén
Artist: Sonja Aldén
Year: 2007
Melodifestival place: 6

6. Faller du så faller jag
Music and lyrics: Patrik Isaksson
Artist: Patrik Isaksson
Year: 2006
Melodifestival place: 3 in Andra chansen.

7. Mi amore
Music and lyrics: Niclas Molinder / Joacim Persson / Pelle Ankarberg
Artist: Velvet
Year: 2006
Melodifestival place: 7 in Andra chansen.

8. Vågar du, vågar jag
Music: Fredrik Kempe / Bobby Ljunggren / Henrik Wikström
Lyrics: Fredrik Kempe
Artist: Sanna Nielsen
Year: 2007
Melodifestival place: 7

9. Efharisto
Music: Bobby Lunggren / Henrik Wikström
Lyrics: Ingela ”Pling” Forsman
Artist: Bosson
Year: 2004
Melodifestivalen place: 6 in Andra chansen

10. Mama Take Me Home
Music: Michael Clauss / Matthews Green
Lyrics: Matthews Green
Artist: Rednex
Year: 2006
Melodifestivalen place: 6

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