Germany: Changes in the national final format

by Gil Laufer 275 views

Germany’s last place at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has led to immediate thinking on how to improve the country’s result in 2016. “Our goal for Stockholm is to move to the left side of the scoreboard, and then all the way up!”, says Carola Conze, the new German Head of Delegation.

During the summer, rumours spread widely about a big national selection having six heats, three semifinals and a final.

However, the only confirmed detail about the German national selection for Eurovision 2016 is that the Clubkonzert round, where a new artist had the option to get a ticket to the national final via web submission and a live show, will be cancelled. Both Elaiza and Ann Sophie, the German representatives in 2014 and 2015, got their place in the German finals by qualifying from this round.

Watch How Ann Sophie ‘jumped the gun’ all the way to the first place in the Clubkonzert of 2015:

“Thomas Schreiber (ARD’s Head of Entertainment) and I had many discussions and we prepare different options. The exact format of the national selection will be known soon”, adds Carola.

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