Denmark: Tim Schou defies Gravity!

by Alex Stewart 401 views

Tim Schou participated in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf as the lead singer of A Friend in London. The group disbanded in 2014 and he returns to the music scene with his new single Gravity.

A Friend In London achieved a very respectable 5th place with the 2011 contest with the song New tomorrow. The song was also co written by Only teardrops writer Lisa Cabble. The band disbanded in January 2014 and this week has seen the premiere of Tim Schou’s latest solo effort Gravity. The song is a moody electronica number which features Schou in a series of lascivious scenarios. The song is written by Brandon Sammons/Massive Muzik, Jussi Ilmari & Tim Schou himself. The overall tone has a sexy urban edge to the video which you can see here.

The video was filmed and shot by American Lion Pictures and Stefan Gonzalez. The raunchy short form also features the actress and model Mariah Parejas as his love interest. Schou is now based out in Los Angeles and has signed to Sony/ATV – Iceberg Publishing. Here, you can follow him on his Facebook page.

The story so far

Denmark has won the contest on three occasions, 1963, 2000 and more recently 2013 with Emmelie De Forest and Only teardrops. They are due to select their song for Stockholm 2016 in the popular national final Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in February 2016.

Stay tuned to for more news on Tim Schou, Denmark and of course the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.