The Netherlands: Trijntje Oosterhuis puts Eurovision-dress up for auction

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Trijntje Oosterhuis, the Dutch representative at this years’ Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, caused quite the riot with her “ripped” dress, which she wore during the first rehearsal for semi-final 1. Although the artist eventually chose another dress for her TV-performance, the infamous dress stirs debate up to this day. To stop all controversy, Trijntje Oosterhuis has decided to put the garment up for auction.

The idea to put the “ripped” dress up for auction first emerged during the TV-show RTL Late Night, in which Trijntje Oosterhuis was a guest together with her group Ladies Of Soul. Responding to the ongoing criticism on the dress, the singer responded that the dress isn’t relevant anymore, and she didn’t wear the garment anyway, so she doesn’t understand why people keep focusing on it. To put the discussion to an end, Trijntje Oosterhuis suggested to auction the piece of clothing for charity, backed up by the show’s host, Humberto Tan. She has kept word, and the dress is now up for auction.

The (in)famous “ripped” dress


The auction is held via LINDA-magazine’s charitable organization,, and the proceeds will go to children living in poverty. People may bid on the dress, a creation by Dutch designer Tycho Boeker, here at The bid ends Sunday 11 October 2015.

Watch Humberto Tan present the details of the Eurovision-dress on

Although Trijntje Oosterhuis was taken aback by all the controversy the dress sparked, and decided not to wear it during her TV-performance, the garment remained the subject of discussion. Edsilia Rombley (Eurovision 1998 and 2007), Trijntje Oosterhuis’ sister-in-law, even wore the dress when she gave the points for The Netherlands during the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015:

Trijntje Oosterhuis (Amsterdam, 1973) represented The Netherlands during the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria, with the song Walk along, written by Anouk (Eurovision 2013). Unfortunately, the artist did not make it to the grand final, achieving a 14th place out of 16 contestants, earning 33 points, in semi-final 1. Despite this, Trijntje Oosterhuis looks back positively on her Eurovision-adventure. She is currently doing her successful Walk Along-tour, and is expecting the birth of her third child.

Enjoy Trijntje Oosterhuis’ official video for Walk along:

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