Live: third semi final in Finland

by Marcus Klier 52 views

The third semi final of the Finnish selection for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest is about to take place. You can read below how to follow the webcast.


You can open the link by opening Windows Media Player, press ctrl + u, and paste this link: The webcast won't be running before the show has started.

The show has started.

Live coverage with Ilari Karhapää.

1. JennaSinua varten (For you)

Jenna won the 2007 Tango Queen contest in Seinäjoki but hasn't really made any impact to the market yet. She has probably the most plain lyrics of all entries this year! Her song is a simple pop entry that could have been part of the Finnish national final already in the 1970s. She is wearing white trousers and a light blue top that looks like a bathroom curtain… do we see a Laura Voutilainen flashback? Nevertheless, she delivers the song well and the vocals are pretty good.

2. Cristal Snow – Can't save me

Crystal has studied in New York in a theater school and after his return to Helsinki won the 2006 Miss Drag Queen contest, ended up a recording artist by accident. 3 singles so far and album ready to be released after Euroviisut! The song is up-tempo and catchy but does not really stay in your head after listening to it for the first time. The performance is not bad, but could be a bit more spectacular.

3. Vuokko Hovatta Virginia

Hovatta's song is about Virginia Woolf and she's from Ultra Bra (Euroviisut 1998, 2000) and has recently done Evita in Helsinki. It's the first ballad tonight and not a bad one, but it is not very catchy too. The vocals are pretty good although the singer gets a bit lost in the high notes. Nevertheless a charismatic performance.

4. Teräsbetoni – Missä miehet ratsastaa (When the men ride/are riding)

Teräsbetoni won Emma (our Grammy) in 2005 for the best metal album and has released 2 albums, both sold platinum. One could call this camp-metal? At the beginning, the song sounds like Dschinghis Khan… nothing you would expect from a hardrock entry! The performance is professional and kept simple which works well with the catchy song.

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