Israel: ‘Festigal’ covers Heroes as theme song

by Gil Laufer 909 views

The Israeli annual song and dance show for children, the Festigal, that runs around Hannukah holiday (December) every year, is covering this year’s winning song Heroes as its theme song, under the title High school festigal.

The first Festigal was held in 1981 and it features new songs for children, performed by well-known local stars. Notable Eurovision stars that took part in the show and was awarded a top 3 placing are Yardena Arazi (1982), Yizhar Cohen (1983), Ofra Haza (1987), Dafna Dekel (1995), Sarit Hadad (1998), Harel Skaat (2004) and Shiri Maimon (2008).

Watch Harel Skaat taking the 2nd place in Festigal 2004 with La’uf (To fly):

Since 2002, the show has a theme accompanied by a cover to a well-known international hit, as Dragostea Din Tei (2004) or Mr. Saxobeat (2011). The success of this decade’s Swedish Eurovision winners, made the producers decide to cover Euphoria in 2013 and Heroes this year.

Wonder how does Heroes sound like in Hebrew? Watch the official videoclip: