The Netherlands: AVROTROS in touch with Douwe Bob for Eurovision 2016

by Gil Laufer 687 views

It has been reported by the Dutch newspaper Metro that the 22 years old singer Douwe Bob will go to represent The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 to be held in Stockholm next May.

Douwe Bob has won the program De beste singer-songwriter van Nederland (The Best Singer-Songwriter in the Netherlands) back in 2012 and released two studio albums since then. In January, he published the single Hold Me, produced in collaboration with Anouk, who represented the country in 2013.

The Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS confirmed that there were talks between them and Douwe and the decision on the Dutch representative for Eurovision 2016 will be made in two to six weeks. Meanwhile, Douwe is currently in Spain working on new material and has recently uploaded a photo to his Instagram account with the hashtag #wijdoenditvoorjullie (We’re doing this for you)

Wij zijn in Malaga aan 't schrijven! #spain #newsongs #wijdoenditvoorjullie

A photo posted by Douwe Bob (@douwebob) on

The Dutch representative for Eurovision 2016 will try to bring The Netherlands back to the final of the contest after the country has reached the 9th and 2nd places in 2013 and 2014, followed by a failure to qualify to the final in 2015. Will the country manage to bring some success again with the classy style it adopted in lately? Listen to Douwe’s Sweet sunshine here:

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