France: Natasha St-Pier releases duet with Roch Voisine

by Yann Messina 403 views

To revive public interest in her upcoming album Mon Acadie, the 2001 French Eurovision representative Natasha St-Pier has released the romantic single Cap enragé.

Natasha St-Pier will release her new album Mon Acadie on 2 October. An album made of covers and new materials celebrating Acadia, her native region in Canada.  To introduce the project to a wider audience, the singer had released the tune Tous les Acadiens (see here) right before summer. However, the single did not impress and its video was to remain unreleased.

Natasha St-Pier is now betting on the track Cap enragé, performed as a duet with fellow New-Brunswick born Roch Voisine. The song, a folk ballad, is a cover from famous French-speaking US Acadian artist Zachary Richard.