Live: The second Finnish semi final

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Finland goes on its search for the second entry in post-Lordi era tonight. The second of three semi finals will be webcasted live from Tohloppi TV-studios in Tampere. The formula is very similar to the previous two years, except each artist has only one song this year. Let�s see who will join Kari Tapio, last week�s runaway winner and Movetron directly in the final on 1st March.

The show

Four acts will fight for the two direct final slots, the other two will still have a second chance on March 1st. Jaana Pelkonen, the hostess of the Eurovision song contest 2007 in Helsinki is back, this time joined by Peltsi Peltola.


You can open the link by opening Windows Media Player, press ctrl + u, and paste this link: The webcast won't be running before the show has started.

  • Ninja: Battlefield of love
  • Kristian Meurman: Jos en sua saa (If I can’t have you)
  • Jippu: Kanna minut (Carry me)
  • Mikael Konttinen: Milloin (When)

The show has just started and Jaana and Peltsi welcome the audience before Peltsi moves to the greenroom. As usual we have been able to listen to the songs on YLE's website since last Monday. The lines to vote are now open.

1. Ninja –Battlefield of love

Peltsi is now in greenroom interviewing the first artist: Ninja. She is an model turned singer and you can see it her dress. She has worked with Jean Paul Gaultier and in Paris, New York and Tokyo. She released her first single in 2007 called Fashion that went to number one. Debut album followed the same year.

She is on stage now in her kimono and baroc-esque wardrobe with her dancers. This surely something we have never seen in the Finnish selections before! Vocally she is doing quite ok. "Join the army of love!" Let's see what the televoters think about this…

2. Kristian Meurman –Jos en sua saa (If I can’t have you)

But on to the next artist. Peltsi is interviewing Kristian Meurman. He came fourth in the Idols 2007, released his debut album that went gold soon after and is now here with a song typical to him, a rock ballad. Kristian is on stage now, dressed in dark suit, hair open and with a cellist and backing singers. He sings the song he wrote himself with confidence. Kristian is at the moment in the bottom of the fan poll in

3. Jippu –Kanna minut (Carry me)

Now back to greenroom and Peltsi is interviewing Jippu who is wearing red wool socks! She got a gold disc this week for her debut album that was released in fall 2006 and a total of six radio hits came from it. Her songs are generally sad and melancholy but in real life she is a funny bubbly young woman! Jippu is on stage all alone, in a flower print dress and Marilyn Monroe hairdo. The song is a typical Jippu song and she is believer of "less is more". If this is the song for Belgrade is another thing but she is true to her own style and and delivers the song with a lot of feeling.

4. Mikael Konttinen- Milloin (When)

Time for the last artist and Peltsi is interviewing Mikale Konttinen. He is in a clear lead in the fan poll at the moment. He has risen to the top very fast and will release his debut album in March. The writers of the song are the same as Annika Eklund's Shangahin valot in 2006 and the influences are clearly heard in this song, too. Mikael in on stage now with his four backing ladies, all dressed up in 1950s elegance. The song is very Finnish with lyrics like "lonely violins under rusty moon" and the longing for the one. All with a massive orchestration and rather hysterical rhythm section. Would this be the welcome turn from the rock entries Finland has sent the past two years? Mikael is very strong vocally as usual.

Ok, that's it for the songs tonight and it's time for the recap. Two songs will proceed to the final, the other two will have a second chance just before the final itself on March 1.

The televoting lines are now closed. The interval act is some Finnish breakdancers….

Mikale Konttinen goes to the final! Ninja is out. Kristian Meurman to the final and Jippu is out.

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