United Kingdom: BMG acquire rights to Katrina & the Waves’ music

by Jessica Weaver 533 views

BMG, owned by the music company Bertelsmann, has acquired the rights to all of the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest winner’s music, Katrina & the Waves.

As part of the €14m (£10m) deal as reported by the Financial Times, the German-based company has reportedly bought all of the rights to all songs written by Katrina & the Waves, along with all of the music written by the band’s main songwriter Kimberly Rew.

The biggest earner of all of the band’s singles is their hit Walking on sunshine, which reportedly generates up to around €920k (£650k) a year having been used in numerous advertisements, television programmes and films over the years since its release 30 years ago.

Other songs included in the acquirement deal include their singles Going down to Liverpool along with their Eurovision winning entry Love shine a light.

Back in 1997, Katrina & the Waves were selected to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in the host city of Dublin, Ireland. Receiving a total of 227 points, the band’s entry Love shine a light won the competition for the United Kingdom for a fifth time and is the country’s last victory to date.

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