Greece: This is the summer for Kalomira!

by Daniel Doyle 548 views

Kalomira, the Greek representative from 2008 has today released her brand new track This is summer on YouTube.

The duo of producers / DJs Gabriel Russel and Issy Beats (known as Slick Beats) wrote the music and lyrics to Kalomira’s new song. Kalomira presented her song last week during the MAD Video Music Awards 2015.


When the summer’s off I’m turning on the radio

Waiting for the song we used to like, my baby

Now I stand alone, and we are done, I should’ve known

I do not understand why do I do this to myself


Just a year ago When you loved me so

I can not turn back time Baby I move on

Yeah the summer’s on I can feel the sun


Oh Oh Oh Our Bodies on the floor

Cuz Everywhere I go The summer is on

A new summer’s on I’m turning on the radio

And I can not find the song we used to like, my baby

Now I stand and think “What I’ve become by waiting for”

Waiting for you baby got me loosing all myself

In the Eurovision community, Kalomira is best known for achieving 3rd place for Greece at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, Serbia with the song My secret combination.

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