France: Amina unveils Unveil

by Yann Messina 430 views

World music diva Amina Annabi, who represented France in Rome in 1991 with fans’ favourite C’est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison, is back with a brand new EP titled Unveil.

Fifteen years after the album Annabi and the best of album Nomad released in 2001, the Franco-Tunisian singer is eventually back with new material. The Unveil EP represents the fruits of a wildly creative collaboration between the renowned vocalist and British award-winning producer & beatboxer MaJiKer

These two singular musicians met in Paris and, sharing a love for vocal experimentation and Swedish culture, embarked on a playful sonic adventure, fusing vocal sounds from every corner of the globe with catchy melodies and organic beats to create a musical meteorite: a home-made melting pot, both deeply personal and ambitiously inventive.

From the lyrically poignant Unveil to the hypnotic pop pulsations of Nour-Reborn (co-written with Swedish songwriter Jonas Gladnikoff), from their re-working of haunting Swedish lullaby Byssan Lull to their wordless vocal symphony Made In Shaman, the duo have created a joyful, unusual and captivating kaleidoscope of tracks which transcend borders and challenge our preconceptions about age, race and gender.

Discover the 4 tracks here, and the first 2 videos here under.