won the Best General Award

by Bjørn Erik Opheim 36 views

As usual, the Millennial Awards 2003 were announced in mid-December. This year, all three awards were won by different web sites, but the most highly prized of them all, the Best General Award went to, after having received more than one out of every three votes (35.7%).

With 97 out of 272 casted votes and for second consecutive year, won the prize for Best General Eurovision Website in the Millennial Awards 2003. In the other two cathegories, Eurovision Spain won the Best Outlook Award, while EuroSong Spain won the Best Newcomer Award.

This year, a total of 672 votes were casted in the three cathegories all together. A year filled with Spanish success and close races, with leaders changing from week to week. Nevertheless one victory was superior; EuroSong Spain received almost twenty per cent more votes than the runner up for the Best Newcomer Award.

Here are the lists with the three most popular web sites in each cathegory:

Best General

1. (35.7%)
2. Eurovision Spain (31.3%)
3. (14.3%)

Best Outlook

1. Eurovision Spain (32.7%)
2. Eureka (28.2%)
3. (24.2%)

Best Newcomer

1. EuroSong Spain (43.4%)
2. DotEurovision (25.0%)
3. Eurovision Kazakhstan (15.8%) would like to thank everyone who gave us their trust and support by letting their vote favour our everyday commitment to give our readers the utmost service, which we think you deserve – thank you so much!

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