The Netherlands: Trijntje wins the 2015 Barbara Dex Award!

by Gil Laufer 997 views

A total of 4163 people have voted and decided: Trijntje Oosterhuis and her black dress have won the 2015 Barbara Dex Award with a total of 1324 votes. The award powered by being given for the worst dressed artist in the Eurovision Song Contest of the same year. 

The Dutch set of dresses have caused controversy since the very first rehearsal of Trijntje in Vienna, all the way from being very revealing on the first rehearsal to fully covered during the semi-final itself. However, the first dress did get its Eurovision glory as it was worn by Edsilia Rombley (The Netherlands 1998, 2007) when announcing the Dutch votes in the final:


Bojana Stamenov from Serbia got the second place with 605 votes and the British duo Electro Velvet finished third with 397 votes.

The Award is named after Barbara Dex, the Belgian representative of 1993, who wore a self-made dress during her Eurovision performance, and is being given annually since 1997. You can find the full list of previous winners and follow the Barbara Dex Award on

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