First Full dress rehearsals in Gothenburg are over

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The first semi final of Melodifestivalen 2008, the Swedish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, in Gothenburg has now been shown for the public for the first time. The public meets eight songs and music number of all kind of styles

It isFriday and the Scandinavium Arena in Gothenburg is full with curious people. All they have to go onare the reports from media and 60 seconds previews of the songs online. The full dress rehearsals went well. Kristian Luuk is back as a host, and he will get some help from his new sidekicks Björn Gustafsson and Nour El-Refai. For first time inrecent yearssomeone hosts the show two years in a row. The audience really seemed to enjoy Björn’s standup comedy show with a soundtrack of What is love, the 90s classic eurodance hit by Haddaway.

Song 1: Line of fire – E-type & The Poodles

Set the world on fire? E-Type is back, this time with his pals in The Poodles. What can go wrong with two popular and well known names in rock n roll dance song? It’s a great start for the Melodifestivalen, with flames everywhere. The kids will love it and all people that grown up with 80s rock and E-type euro dance hits will vote for this one. The audience reaction was strong for this team

Song 2: Alla gamla x – Face-84

Sweden’s new Spice girls sing a song about their ex-boyfriends. The audience didn’t seem so interested in the performance even though it went pretty well on stage for the girls.

Song 3: Déjà vu – Velvet

After a weak responds for Face-84, it got much better for dance pop star Velvet. Especially the chorus was very well received by the audience. The performance went very well. High class performance with a strong dance pop schlager, this can be one of the songs in the top four in this semi final.

Song 4: Lullaby – Brandur

Brandur has a good voice and makes a good performance. Maybe many girls’ hearts will beat a bit harder to this fine slow song. People seemed impressed by his voice and by his looks. After the show ended, many small girls have found a new popstar to like, they were waiting in queue to get autographs from Brandur.

Song 5: That's love – Michael Michailoff

First comes Andreas Johnson. Then Sebastian Karlsson. Now it's time for a third one, Fame Factory’s Michael Michailoff. He is not as famous as Andreas or Sebastian, but he has still got a song that sounds like perfect radio pop for commercial radio in Sweden. His performance was solid. The audience liked the song.

Song 6: Thank you – Amy Diamond

She is only 15 years old, but that didn’t hinder from making a great performance and got a very good and load responds from the audience. It was a very strong performance that can take her directly to final in Stockholm.

Song 7: Visst finns mirakel – Suzzie Tapper

Suzzie Tapper's performance of the ballad goes well. She is battling Parkinson's disease, which has been made public and many people in the audience presumably read about it, when it’s a story behind the words she is singing, make it even stronger. Her voice was better than in some of her earlier rehearsals.

Song 8: I love Europe – Christer Sjogren

Christer's performance went well, dance moves at the right places. But the audience was pending. Some laughed, some got into the groove, some commented that this was not good. But in the end, everyone could sing along the song – I Love Europe. Thequestion is, does they love Christers Melodifestival debut enough so that he can reach the final or the second chance? Tomorrow we will know.

QX magazine asked 477 people in The audience – Who was best tonight. Here is their results

  • E-type & The Poodles – 173
  • Face 84 – 23
  • Velvet – 59
  • Brandur – 10
  • Michael Michailoff – 31
  • Amy Diamond – 167
  • Suzzie Tapper – 9
  • Christer Sjögren – 5

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