Elnur: I won't go without Samir

by Benny Royston 189 views

Elnur, the first artist to be selected to represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest has told the national broadcaster “I sing with Samir or I don't sing at all”. The news appeared on the Azeri Press Agency pages as the choice of song for Azerbaijan becomes a deepening problem. Elnur is determined to travel to Belgrade with his close friend by his side.

Initially, the national broadcaster stated that even if Elnur Huseynov won the ticket to Belgrade and decided to perform Day after day, he would do so as a solo artist. The selection was between three solo artists adnd Samir Javadzadeh was only there for effect.

Elnur has informed APA that "I want to sing with Samir in this Eurovision Song Contest. Otherwise, I will refuse. I do not intend to participate in the contest alone". The selection committee are asking him to perform some additional songs before they decide which will represent Azerbaijan in Belgrade.

The selection procedure has been hit by crisis since Elnur stated that he will only agree to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest if Samir goes with him. This means that he must convice the jury to send the song Day after day that, which they performed together at the national final, or look for other duets.

Tahir Mammadov, head of public affairs for ITV, stated "If jury chooses “Day after day, Samir Javadzadeh will also participate in the contest but our representative has not yet determined which song he will sing. It is difficult to say that Samir also will participate".

The jury and broadcaster are discussing the situation, and have agreed to take Elnurs wishes into account, but that does not mean that they will cave in and accept that Samir will represent the country alongside him. It is clear that the jury favour Elnur performing alone. A decision is not expected until very close to the March 15th deadline.

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