Vienna Calling: Semi-final 1 jury show LIVE

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This evening from 21:00 CEST, the second dress rehearsal for the first semi-final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest will take place where the jury members, who will have a 50% say in the final vote, will rank each of the 16 participants.

Here at ESCToday, we will be bringing you the latest news from the jury show as it happens, live from the Wiener Stadthalle.

The show has started and Conchita performed already her winning entry last year, Rise like a Phoenix. The 16 countries are now presented the audience and the actual contest is about to kick off!


01 Moldova

Performing first in semi-final 1 is Moldova with Eduard Romanyuta and his entry I want your love. Eduard performs onstage with 3 backing dancers and 2 backing vocalists, all of whom are dressed as police officers. Towards the end of the performance, Eduard’s shirt gets ripped off by the dancers before he then goes on to do a backflip.


02 Armenia

The 6-member supergroup Genealogy are next onstage performing their entry Face the shadow. The band perform in front of a purple backgrounf, featuring a tree. Although few vocal mistakes were made during the performance, the group ended strong. At the end of the performance, a map of the world appears on the ground where each band members stands on their own representative continent.


03 Belgium

Loic Nottet from Belgium delivers a great performance of Rhythm inside. Well structured and well formed choreography that matches with the song boosts the already successful appearance. So far this has been a flawless performance and all of the camera work shots are fixed.


04 The Netherlands

Beginning the performance with a closeup shot, Trijntje Oosterhuis gives a much better presentation of her song, than she did in the afternoon rehearsal. Having changed her dress twice, the Dutch representative insists on wearing black. During the middle of the song, the use of blacklight gives highlight to the word LOVE written over her fingers (holding the microphone).


05 Finland

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät are next on the Eurovision stage with their entry Aina mun pitää. Performing next to plenty of speakers and amps, the Punk band take to the stage to perform the shortest ever entry in Eurovision history!


And now, the show takes a short break whilst Conchita goes on to interview some of the artists. She firstly interviews the Belgian representative, and then Trijntje. Conchita goes on to joke about the dress changes made during the rehearsals for the Netherlands.

06 Greece

Using to the fullest the Heptic Eye, the Greek presentation creates a huge iris on the backdrop with the lights. In the meantime, Maria Elena Kyriakou delivers her vocals flawlessly. The camera works capture Maria Elena’s expressions and movements. The composer of the song, Efthivoulos Theocharous is also on stage.


07 Estonia

The door opens and Stig appears on stage. His shaddow is cast on the floor and the backdrop. Soon, the second door opens and Elina appears on stage too. Both of them keep eye contact with eachother during the performance. Undoubtedly Estonia will make it to the final after this presentation.


08 FYR Macedonia

Daniel Kajmakoski is next on the Eurovision stage, performing his entry Autumn leaves. Daniel performs alongside 3 vocalists, who also perform their own choreography. The background features ancient pillars and, to fit with the song title, autumn leaves.


09 Serbia

Wearing a long, silver decorated dress is Bojana Stamenov from Serbia. Bojana performs her entry Beauty never lies alongside 4 backing performers. The backing dancers originally wear white cloaks with white masks, but when the music drops the cloaks come off and some colourful, vibrant outfits are unveiled.


10 Hungary

Performing her entry Wars for nothing on the stage is Boggie, Hungary’s representative. Boggie performs with 4 backing vocalists and all are wearing black and white, whilst Boggie wears a long burgundy dress. The backdrop features guns turning around together in the background which eventually turns into a tree, bringing peace to the end of the performance.


11 Belarus

Uzari & Maimuna, the Belarusian duo, are next on the Eurovision stage this evening, With their entry Time, the duo perform in front of a lively background, featuring lots of waving lines and stars in the background. Smoke fills the lower half of the stage.


12 Russia

Polina Gagarina takes the stage this time wearing a white and light spring dress. Blue lights are shed on her dress while the whole scene changes to a univers of stars and sparkles. Vocally this has been one of her best performances so far. On stage along with Polina we see a drummer, two guitarists and two female vocalists. The backdrop is the most impressive all all the countries so far.


Another short break follows Russia’s performance, where Conchita goes on to interview the Estonian duo, Elina and Stig. Conchita goes on to chat with Serbia’s representative, Bojana.

13 Denmark

Anti Social Media are on stage next with their entry The way you are. With a performance not too dissimilar to that of their Dansk Melodi Grand Prix performance, the band perform which each of their instruments whilst 2 backing performers dance and sing in the background. Black and white stripes appear on the background.


14 Albania

The I’m alive singer, Elhaida Dani, is next on the stage this evening. Wearing a black jumpsuit which shines and sparkles in the light. A broken glass effect appears on the LED background with a bright light shining through. Five backing vocalists also appear behind Elhaida, all of whom are also wearing black. At the climax of the song, Elhaida hits the highest note of the performance without fault.


15 Romania

Voltaj is next onstage performing their entry De la capat. The band perform onstage with numerous suitcases as props, along with images of children appearing on the background and floor. The message comes across clearly through the song.


16 Georgia

The performances tonight will close with Nina Sublatti, the Warrior from Georgia. Even though in the afternoon rehearsal her voice wasn’t delivering propely, tonight she pushed it to the limit. Sexy and powerful like an Amazon.


After the Georgian entry we are heading to the first recap while the hosts asked for the lines to open Europe and Australia start voting now.

Following the closing of the results, the dummy qualifiers are then revealed one by one by the hosts of the show. The qualifiers revealed tonight are random and have no effect on tomorrow’s results.

The dummy qualifiers were as follows:

  • Denmark
  • Belarus
  • Denmark
  • FYR Macedonia
  • Georgia
  • Finland
  • Serbia
  • Romania
  • Hungary
  • Estonia

Stay tuned to for the latest news on the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest live from the Wiener Stadthalle!

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