Watch now: The first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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The 60th edition of Europe’s greatest music event is been broadcast tonight. The first semi-final will see 16 countries competing to get their spot in the Grand Final. Let’s all start Building Bridges with the world tonight.

It is a big event. And it is still growing bigger. The Eurovision Song Contest is starting its 60th edition with the first semi-final that will be broadcast tonight from the Wiener Stadthalle in the capital of Austria, Vienna.

The charming hosts will guide the audience though a ceremony that will see the first sixteen countries that participate this year live on stage. Arabella Kiesbauer, Alice Tumler and Mirjam Weichselbraun will work together to entertain the audience at home and in the arena. The reigning queen of Eurovision, Conchita Wurst, brought the Contest to Austria and she will host this year’s contenders in the Green Room, interviewing them as she makes them feel at home.

Each artists will be introduced by a postcard that will show them receiving a parcel from Austria with an object that serves them as a token to visit one place in Austria and discover the magic of the host country, with a warm welcome by its people.

How to watch


  • The show can be followed through the national participating broadcasters.
  • Webcast by


The show

This will be the running order of the first semi-final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest:

  1. Moldova; Eduard Romanyuta, I want your love.
  2. Armenia; Genealogy, Face the shadow.
  3. Belgium; Loïc Nottet, Rhythm inside.
  4. The Netherlands; Trijntje Oosterhuis, Walk along.
  5. Finland; Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, Aina mun pitää.
  6. Greece; Maria-Elena Kyriakou, One last breath.
  7. Estonia; Elina Born & Stig Rästa; Goodbye to yesterday.
  8. F.Y.R. Macedonia; Daniel Kajmakoski, Autumn leaves.
  9. Serbia; Bojana Stamenov, Beauty never lies.
  10. Hungary; BOGGIE, Wars for nothing.
  11. Belarus; Uzri & Maimuna, Time.
  12. Russia; Polina Gagarina, A million voices.
  13. Denmark; Anti Social Media, The way you are.
  14. Albania; Elhaida Dani, I’m alive.
  15. Romania; Voltaj; De la capat.
  16. Georgia; Nina Sublatti, Warrior.

The ten countries that will make it to the final will be decided by the combined vote of the audience (by phone and SMS) and the national juries of the countries participating in this semi-final with Australia, Austria, France and Spain.

You can vote for your favorites to make it through following the instructions that will be shown on screen during the broadcast (by the national broadcasters) or using the Eurovision Application for smartphones.

Ready, steady…? GO! The party is starting. Enjoy the show and enjoy the news with