Live: First Beovizija songs presented

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Right now, during tonight's episode of Evropsko Lice, the first ten songs participating in this year's Beovizija , the Serbian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest are being presented. There is a live webcast available for international fans to follow.


A live webcast will be provided here.

The following songs will be presented:

1. Aleksa Jelić and Ana Štajdohar- Beli jablan (White poplar)
Music:Boris Krstajić Lyrics:Boban Janković and Aleksa Jelić

2. Andrej Ilić Band –Tijana

3. Beauty Queens-Dobra vila (Good fairy)
Music and lyrics:Vladimir Graić

4. Betty Boop –Kvar (Breakdown)
Music and lyrics: Ognjen Cvekić

5. Zana- U �ivot kockam se… (I gamble into life)
Music and lyrics:�ika Zana

6. Dejan Vozlić- Ako me čuješ (If you hear me)
Music and lyrics:Dejan Vozlić

7. Mogul- Mo�da baš

8. Drum'n'Zez- Dunav (The Danube)
Music:Drum'n'Zez Lyrics: Vojislav Malešev

9. Zoe Kida u Zemlji Gruva-Čudesni svetovi (Magical worlds)
Music:Ana ,Milovan Bošković,Nebojša Anđelković,Miroslav Ničić
Lyrics:Ana Janković,Ana Ignjatović,Milovan Bošković

10. Ivana Ćosić-Kao da hodam (As if I'm walking)
Music and lyrics:Ivana Ćosić

Live coverage with Eric M. Lehmann

A few minutes ago the Beovizija song presentation kicked off giving us a taste if what we are going to see next month.

1. Aleksa Jelić and Ana Štajdohar- Beli jablan

A happy up tempo song by Aleksa and Ana

2. Andrej Ilić Band –Tijana

Interesting vocals by Andrej Ilic in this slow, rhytmicrock ballad. His voice reminded us pleasantly of Bryan Adams. A catchy refrain but the song cannot go too far in Eurovision

Marija and Nicola are introducing the next entry, The Beauty Queens, Marija Serifovic's back vocalists.

3. Beauty Queens-Dobra vila (Good fairy)

Strongest entry so far. Strong vocals in perfect coordination in this slow, rhythmic ballad which at times picks up slowly in a Spanish tempo.

4. Betty Boop –Kvar
Energetic rock by Betty Boop, with a steep dive in tempo mid song, a rhythmic song, very unusual for Serbia but too repetitive and not really a song that can go far in Eurovision.

5. Zana- U �ivot kockam se…

Zana perform now their song originally scheduled to be sung by Goca Trzan. Typical Balkan emotional ballad with a slight crescendo, good vocals and coordination by the popular duo.

6. Dejan Vozlić- Ako me čuješ

An up tempo rock ballad with an italian flavour. Dejan is completely alone on stage, him and his guitar. He could use some company to enhance the song.

7. Mogul- Mo�da baš
Rich ethnic sounds now, a pleasant change. The song starts off a little Spanish, possibly a little Greek flavour here and there, changes notes during the song.

8. Drum'n'Zez- Dunav
A joyful song on a caribbean musical background, brings people in a jolly mood, very cheerful, festive but .

9. Zoe Kida u Zemlji Gruva-Čudesni svetovi
And surprise, surprise another summery, Carribean influenced song follows. Quite unsual for Serbia, one would expect to hear such sounds in such abundance in Spain. The song is happy and uptempo.

10. Ivana Ćosić-Kao da hodam
A rather dark number, reinforced by the dark voice and outfit, song starts low and goes higher.

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