Big Poll: ESCtoday team results for semi-final 1

by Michalis Vranis 558 views

Since 2002 the Big Poll aims to become the most accurate prediction tool for the Eurovision Song Contest and every year its gets even closer to this. 2015 sees Big Poll having already two siblings. Tonight, we present you the results for the first semi-final as they were formed by the team.

15 editors of the team casted their predictions according to what the final outcome of the first semi-final will be. The voting panel consists of Alex Noone, Daniel Doyle, Denis Randjelovic, Fiona Galliford, Jessica Weaver, Pete Lewis, Peter Russell, Richard West-Soley, Robin Scott, Roy LD Knoops, Sergio Jiandani, Stephane London and Michalis Vranis.

But before we go to the results, have you shared your personal predictions for Big Poll 2015? Learn more about our project and send in your votes on the link

The results

Right before the first impression rehearsals kick off in Wiener Stadthalle here are the results of the first semi-final. The 10 countries that proceed to the final according to what the team has predicted are:
[Belgium],Belgium,[The Netherlands],The Netherlands
[FYR Macedonia],FYR Macedonia,[Serbia],Serbia

So what do you think about the results? Does this match your Top10 for the first semi-final? Share yours below!