BigPoll: 12 points from Japan go to…

by Michalis Vranis 301 views

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 rehearsals are ready to kick off next week and the first countries are start coming to Vienna. In the mean time, ESCToday runs the historical prediction poll, BigPoll 2015 where users are asked to predict the outcome of how their country will vote.


Our readers from Japan watch Eurovision and they gave their points too! For the first semi-final Japan awards their 12 points to Estonia and for the second semi-final to Sweden.

ESCToday is collecting the votes from all the countries around the world and the surprising number of 66 countries has been reached so far! Countries like Japan, Korea, Vietnam as well as Venezuela, Chile and also Egypt and South Africa, have send in their votes for ESCToday’s Big Poll.

The current standings on the International results, see Estonia and Sweden be the favourites while Cyprus and Finland collect the least of the votes for the respective semi-finals.

The Big Poll ballots will close at 18:00 before each show and the results will be revealed the same afternoon one hour later.

You can vote on Big Poll here

Stay tuned while ESCToday will reveal the ESCToday team BigPoll results later today!