Live: Third Lithuanian heat

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The third and last of the Lithuanian heats in the national selection for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest takes place tonight at the LRT studios. Ten acts will compete and four of them will qualify to the final on 2nd February. Suicide DJ's, the eleventh act that had passed in this third heat, was disqualified for having been performed before 1st October.

The show

The show starts at 20.00 CET tonight and it will be hosted by TV host Rolandas Vilkončius. Ten acts will be competing and four of them will qualify to the final by a 50-50 split of jury and televote.


A live webcast will be provided here.

The show is about to start, the webcast is as unstable as ever. Rolandas informs the audience about the disqualification of the Suicide DJ's. Their song had be publicly performed before 1st October. We are now informed of the running order which was drawn before the show.

1.Slapjack – Light

A hip hop intro turning RnB about 30 seconds in the song, good vocals from Egle Gerasimovaite. Both male singers in suits and Egle in a low cut sequinned dress. The overall performance is ok. The trio is well coordinated but the song cannot be called exactly outstanding. The only connection we can detect with a Eurovision stage is the all present wind machine.
The jury's verdict is anything but pleasant and it is received by a disappointed band and lukewarm applause by the audience.

2.My Magic – Lady

Ballad time now, the band has been working on their stage presence with Gluk technology, an innovative technique used in the States and elsewhere. There are projectors everywhere shedding blue light on the stage and the Gluk effect is really impressive. Vilius, the male member of the band plays with the lights and stars which he seems to command with the help of Gluk. Julija, the lead singer,dressed all in black, delivers the song quite well. Lady is a sentimental ballad and the lyrics sound all too familiar to us as they are all taken from popular past Eurovision entries.

3.Skyders – Neolitas

Punkish sound now from Skyders, in Lithuanian. The four member boy band is joined on stage by …an inflatable doll.The song is rhythmic and repetitive, a good thing if you don't speak Lithuanian.The lead singer moves all over the stage moving his hips at times back and fro and hi-fives members of the audience.

4.Ingrida Paukštyte – I will fight

A dynamic entrance by Ingrida and the most impressive choreography of the evening. Three male dancers, all dressed in long black leather coats take over the stage waving black flags ominously. A rockish song with a powerful beat and a lot of heys, hi's and raised fists during the chorus. The singer is definitely on the loud side and the whole impression is that of anger and aggressiveness. The act is not very warmly received by the audience present.

5.Sweetness Theory – Sun in her eyes

More punk rock now from Sweetness theory. From inflatable dolls to a gagged and bound woman sitting on a chair on the catwalk. The woman is set free by the energetic lead singer who is serenading her on his knees. We hope she loves him because he is extremely out of tune at parts. It seems she does, as they walk back to the center of the stage hand in hand turning their back to the audience for the finale. Two of the members of the band welcome them forming something that looks like a malformed heart with their joined arms. The song is nothing we haven't heard before (off Eurovision stage that is but that doesn't mean it belongs there).

6.Nerri – Step into this world

Three black clad ladies on stage for this mid tempo pop song. Some of the best vocals so far, a simple performance but the song does not offer itself for an impessive stage show.

7.Trylika – I deceive you

That is a song we have been expecting to hear tonight. A song by the same title was posted on youtube before October 1st but Trylika were allowed to participate as they persuaded LRT that their actual entry would be a different one. And they were right obviously. Hip hop time now from the three members of this girl band. All dressed in the traditional attire of the genre, baggie pants, reversed caps and all they deliver their song well. The song itself is quite memorable and the choreography includes everything we expect it to, break dancing, backflips …the works.

8.Auguste – Do somethin'

Another ballad from a Lithuanian NF veteran. This is a very interesting shooting angle as the entire song is shot from above. The entire band is sitting or lying down looking up at the camera. The effect is that of a group of friends sitting on a beach on a cool summer evening playing their guitars and singing. Auguste's vocals are exceptional, her choice of song isn't. Do something is a nice ballad but there are a lot of nice ballads around nowdays. Our feeling is that she is definitely qualifying though judging by the reaction of the audience.

9.Pokeris – Stone

Another rockish ballad now by Pokeris. Lead singer in a simple black satin evening gown, her band far too casually dressed for the occasion, looks entirely different to the lead singer. Good vocals for this nothing-to-write-home-about ballad but the overall performance looks sloppy andpoorly prepared.

10.Mini Me – Yes

Yes! This is definitely going through if the audience's reaction is anything to go by. An RnB song by Mini me, lively and energetic performance by the entire band. Good vocals and an average+ dance routine. Mini me is charismatic and she comes across well to the audience, she also interacts well with the camera, a plus for the televoters.

Time for the recap now and the interval act. It is Julija (of 4Fun) and Girmawith To my soul, her wildcard awarded to her by LRT. The other wildcard by Aistė Pilvelytė remains still a secret.

And the winners are Auguste, Mini me, Nerri and Pokeris. would like to apologise for temporarily going offline. During live shows, huge pressure is put on our server due to the large number of people trying to follow the shows, react to them and read the latest news.

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Stella Floras

Thanks to Johnny Logan and Hold me now I fell in love with the Eurovision Song Contest, a love that's been going strong ever since with undiminished passion. My first memories date back to 1977 and the lyrics of Rock bottom, Dschinghis Khan and A ba ni bi are still engraved in my brain.

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