United Kingdom: Electro Velvet not worried about ‘Nul points’

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The year was 2003 and viewers in the United Kingdom could not believe what they were seeing on the scoreboard of that year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

They had watched the performance from the duo called Jemini and it was one which had not gone as hoped. The song Cry baby had been fine during the dress rehearsals and also on the BBC radio programme Wogan that morning, even singing acapella, but as in any stage show, something went wrong on the Grand Final night, ending with the duo receiving 0 points.

So what do Electro Velvet think about coming last or getting those Nul Points?

Bianca Nicholas will be half of the duo singing Still in love with you for the United Kingdom and she recently was asked this question by huffingtonpost.

I’m not worried about getting no points. The only thing I’m scared about right now is not being able to perform on the night, for whatever reason, to the best of our abilities. After all this hard work, that would be really disappointing.

Alex Larke, Bianca’s performing other half, had his thoughts which were simple but no less stoical.

That’s in the hands of the Eurovision gods. All we can do is our best.

They have had quite a few opportunities to meet other Eurovision artists from previous years and Bianca also talked about advice that they had been given.

Every single one of them, including Conchita, has told us just to have fun, and to make sure we do it for ourselves as well as for our country. And Conchita said my hair was very on point so that’s something. Who needs anything else when you’ve got Conchita praising your hair?

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