Tonight: semi final in Bulgaria

by Marcus Klier 67 views

The semi final after EuroBGvision in the Bulgarian selection for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest will be held tonight with 18 songs competing. An expert jury will select half of them to go forward to the national final on 23rd February.

The show

It is a complicated line-up: it includes nine songs from the EuroBGvision heats that were chosen by televoting, another five songs from these heats that were chosen by a jury and four additional wildcars entries that went directly to the semi final. Nine of these semi finalists will be chosen by a jury to go to the national final on 23rd February, where they will be joined by another three, "new", wildcard entries. You can find all the songs here.


A webcast is provided here. The show will also be made available on BNT's website after the show.

The line-up

  1. Ivailo KolevShould've been the one
  2. Ivelina Kolaksazova & PopcornDance with me
  3. Deep Zone & BalthazarDJ, take me away
  4. Svetozar HristovPandemonium
  5. Di-DoFull of love
  6. Mariya Bachvarova feat. VanLove is not a game
  7. Ivan & StaniYou are magic
  8. Svetozar Hristov & Vladi DimovTired soul
  9. Te & Preslava PeychevaTaci vezer
  10. MariayanaMoonlight
  11. Stoian Roianov& YaYaSombero
  12. SunnieDo you loveme
  13. Simona SivanioObeshtay mi
  14. Svetozar Hristov & Magdalena DzhanavarovaLonely world
  15. KatinaAlmost perfect
  16. New GenerationRunnig scared
  17. Dani MilevSvetlinata i mraka
  18. Nikolai ManolovPo-dobre

In 2007, Bulgaria reached the Eurovision Song Contest final for the first time and Elitsa & Stoyan finished 5th with their song Water. In 2008, Bulgaria will take part in one of the semi finals.