Georgia: All 12 songs online

by Victor Hondal 148 views

Georgian Public Broadcaster, GPB, has published the songs that will compete to represent Georgia in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Twelve acts will fight to win that right in a national final scheduled for March 1st.

The full list of participants and songs is as follows:

  1. VIVO – Life. Author: Zaza Tsurtsumia
  2. Aleko Berdzenishvili – The beautiful girl. Authors: Mamuka Begashvili, Bibi Kvachadze
  3. Salome Gasviani – Share your love. Authors: Maia Kachkachishvili, Bibi Kvachadze
  4. Irakli Pirtskhalava – Freedom. Author: Irakli Pirtskhalava
  5. Diana Gurtskaya – Peace will come. Authors: Kim Breidenburg, Karem Kavaliani
  6. Salome Korkotashvili – Captaine. Author: Salome Korkotashvili
  7. Teatroni – Georgia invites friends. Author: Kote Malania
  8. Tika Patsatsia – Never change. Authors: Georgio, Giga Kukhianidze
  9. Tako Gachechiladze – Me and my funky. Author: Bibi Kvachadze
  10. Guga Aptsiauri – Don't look at me. Authors: Guga Aptsiauri, George Ergemlidze
  11. Tamta Chelidze – Give me your love. Authors: Maia Kachkachishvili, Christine Imedadze
  12. 3G – I'm free. Authors: Avto Badurashvili, Christine Imedadze

All the entries are available to listen online and download. Click here to visit the revamped GPB's Eurovision website. Then, click on Participants. The full list of competitors will appear. Click on their names and then on Contest song, at the bottom of the page.