Cyprus: John Karayiannis gets in Herreys’s golden shoes

by Fernando Méndez 419 views

The Cypriot representative this year has released a revamped version of Herreys’s winning entry in 1984. This new Diggiloo diggiley by John Karayiannis has a very special charm. The video is available at the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel.

As the site published, the Cypriot singer John Karagiannis has surprised the public with a new interpretation of the song that Sweden took to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1984 sung by the three Herreys brothers.

Herreys performing “Diggiloo diggiley” at the Eurovision Song Contest 1984


The Cypriot entrant had sung this Eurovision classic during the country’s national final. The piano version by Karayiannis set the gears in motion for a new project conducted by John’s producer, Mike Connaris, which has yielded the new edition of Diggiloo diggiley that has been just released by the record label Mcasso Digital.

The official video is available on YouTube. It was shot in Limassol, Karayiannis’s hometown, at the JazzyB jazz club. In fact, the new song-of-the-golden-shoes has been conceived and constructed in a jazz style which you can perceive in every detail of the video and the track. You actually feel it is the 20s… Except maybe for John’s distinctive glasses and Herreys’s picture hanging from a wall…

Andreas Kontidis, John Karayiannis’s stylist and best friend, also features in the video: he plays the frantic ill-tempered manager of the club where Diggiloo diggiley is performed.

Sit back, relax (or stand up in your golden shoes…) and fly back to the 80s and the 20s in one leap…

John Karayiannis will sing One thing I should have done for Cyprus in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

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