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Tonight, the Go Malta Song For Europe semi final takes place live. As usual, is covering the show live. You can read the commentary below and follow the show. Leave your reactions to the performances and the results in the reactions section below.


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The Show

Tonight, 17 songs will comepte for a place in Saturday night's Go Malta Song For Europe final.

Opening act

The opening act begins with some drum infused introductory music with live musicians on stage. They give way to an operatic vocal performance. The welcome speach then begins.


Glen & Pamela – Loved by you

The two talented and well experienced singers took the stage and filled it with their energy and interesting dance moves. Their impeccable voices, as usual, received warm applauses from the audience in the hall. This song is composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan.

It is seen as a typical Eurovision song coming from Scandinavian countries a few years ago. It is surely something different for the Malta Song For Europe..will it convince the judges?

Claudia Faniello – Carvaggio

Claudia was welcomed on stage with great applauses in the hall. On the stage: a dancer and a painter drawing Claudia's face in a huge portrait. The crowd seems to be liking this song, as it claps to the tune.

This song has been composed by Ray Agius and penned by Godwin Sant, the same people behing Claudia's first song High Alert.

Claudia once again gave a great vocal performance.

Eleanor Cassar – Give me a chance

A wonderful Eleanor is back on the Malta Song For Europe stage, after a one year absence that last year created much controversy amonst ESC fans in Malta and abroad. Eleanor's unique powerful voice echoed through the MFCC hall.

Once again Eleanor is singing a song composed by Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan. As usual Eleanor's stage presence is impressive, and receives a huge applause from the audience.

Mary Spiteri – My last encore

Her last appearance on the MSFE stage was in 1997, and Mary is back after 11 years. A singer that represented Malta succesfully in 1992 gaining 3rd place in Malmo, Sweden, was received on stage with a warm applause.

This first song of her's tonight is composed by Ray Agius and penned by Godwin Sant. Mary in all elegance sang impressively, as always…some say that the songs she is presenting are too outdated, others say that we need younger singers…on thing is sure..Mary Spiteri is highly talented and manages to create an interesting atmosphere in the hall. Will the judges give her a ticket to the final.

The first four songs have been interpreted, and the first comment I can give is a positive one, also considering the fact that there was a whole mixture of styles and a mixture of young and less younger singers.

Currently the cameras have gone on to John Demanuele who made some more jokes and who thanked the sponsors…and we go to the next four songs…

Morena – Casanova

Morena another singer who has returned to the MSFE stage after an absence of a ocuple of years. Considered as the diva of this festival, through the various comments on in the past days, Morena sand her song in a fantastic way, with great moves and style on stage.

Her song is composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg, two people with great experience in the Eurovision Song Contest, composing and writing four of the eight past songs from Malta, one of them being 7th Wonder who win 2nd place in 2002.

Daniela Vella – Throw your stones

Another song composed and written by Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg shows the first new comer of the evening, Daniella Vella.

Another song that is different than the usual MSFE songs but which remind sus of a growing trend within Eurovision.

Daniela gave a good performance tonight and besides obviously being eligible to win the festival, all singer tonight are competing in the 3rd annual Press Awards, in more than one category, amongst which is the Best New Comer one. In these awards, various Maltese and international journalists amongst which from our partner websites, amongst which, vote to choose the favourite press songs.

Rosman Pace – Love is just the way

Rosman in his white suit goes on to the stage. A song with an interesting introduction that is followed by Rosman's ever stronger voice. Attracting a huge applause, Rosman managed to hit all the notes perfectly in his song.

Love is just the way has been composed and written by Rosman himself.

Klinsmann Coleiro – Go

The revelation of last year's festival, Klinsmann, returns to the stage with Brian and Paul (his band members) to give an energetic young performance on stage, full of interesting lighting effects.

This song composed by Dominic Galea and penned by Claudette Pace shows a new style for both writers and fills the venue with positive energy.

With hand up in the air, Klinsmann end his song and also gets a huge applause from the audience in the hall. Definately, this young singer has a long career infront of him, with loads of young fans.

In the meantime, 8 songs have been shown..and we have currently another advert break.

Morena – Vodka

Morena once again on stage with another song from Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg. The songs starts off with two elegant male dancers and Morena coming out from the back of the stage. Black and elegance in this song.

The dance routine is an interesting one with Morena at times improvising in the song with various shouts. Excellent stage presence by the singer, who in the middle of the song surprised the crowd by goign down amongst them.

An interetsing fact is that a Russian word is used every now and then in the song…Nasdrovje, meaning 'Cheers!'


The second appearance of Pamela on stage tonight, this time alone. A song which has been attracting a lot of interest in the past days. Pamela is alone on stage with candles around her, having the stage in an enchanting way while she haunts the audience with her unique voice. She has tears in her eyes throughou the whole performance.

Dark colours, wind and smoke give an interesting touch to Pamela's song that receives a huge applause in the hall.

Klinsmann Coleiro – Superhero

Another singer, or band, appearing for the second time on stage is Klinsmann & Co, who this time are singing a song by Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg.

More enregy, colours and jumps on stage by the group who recieve great applauses all throughout the song. Black and white whirls on screen, for the singer who last eyar managed to place third.

Klinsmann appears confident on stage interacting with the audience enticing them to continue with him, with various improvisations.

Jean Claude VancellContradiction

Another new comer to the contest with a song written and composed by him is Jean Claude Vancell with an interesting and different song.

On stage with him are a number of dancers who are make the song even more interest with the prepared choreography. Jean Claude is at times sitting down on a chair, in other times dancing his way through the stage.

Chris & Moira – All right now

It's time for two more Eurovsion Song Contest veterans: Christ and Moira have already represented Malta in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. They look completely different – especially Moira, who has turned blonde. The song is kinda catchy but reminds of the song by Free of the same title (especially in the chorus). The performance is not bad but more simple and less professional than it could be.

Jessica Muscat Tangled

A catchy song of the kind we know very well from the Eurovision Song Contest national final seasons, this one is composed by Philip Vella and written by Gerard James Borg. Overall, the singer looks very nice on stage and gives a confident performance.

Mary Spiteri If you believe

Eurovision Song Contest veteran Mary Spiteri shows again that she is the real diva of Malta Song for Europe this year. A classy performance with very good vocals. A dark atmosphere that works very well. The song is a typical Eurovision ballad and these do usually well forMalta.

Petra ZammitStreet car of desire

It's time for something completely different. Petra presents a swing song with a jazz band in the background. A very professional performance that seems to be very popular with the audience.

Claudia Faniello – Sunrise

Claudia back on stage. She performs the ballad in a very classy well with very good vocals. Overall, she presents the song in a very authentic way. A good closing entry of the semi final.

To the final:

Go, Casanova, Streetcar of desire, Vodka, Give me a chance, Love is just the way, Sunrise, Caravaggio

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