Kdam on 25th-26th February, Mauda's songs revealed

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Israeli Channel 2 and broadcaster IBA revealed this morning the titles of the 5 songs Boaz Mauda will perform in the national final, Kdam-Eurovision 2008, to be held on February 25th and 26th. One of the entries was co-written by the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Dana International.

In a press conference held in Tel Aviv this morning, IBA and Channel 2 shed some light on the forthcoming national final, Kdam-Eurovision 2008: The final will actually be spread over two nights:Presentation of the songs onFebruary 25th andpresentation of the results on the26th.Bothshowswill be presented by Kohav Nolad (Israeli Pop Idol) host TzvikaHadar, alongside some previousIsraeli Eurovision Song Contest entrants. 450 entries have been submited, about 80% of them were sent from the wide public. The panel listened to the songs without knowing who their writers were.5 songs were finally selected, and they are:

  • Ke'ilo kan (As if here) by Dana International and Shai Kerem
  • Masa Haiyai (The journey of my life) by Itay Pearl
  • Hin'e Ha'or (There's the light) by Ovadia Hamama
  • Bli ahava (Without love) by Henree
  • Parparim (Butterflies) by Doron Gal

A decade after she won the Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham and after being rumoured several times to participate again, Dana International is officially back in the race, although only as a song co-writer. DJ Henree and his vocalist Nika were tipped to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest in the last couple of years. The only song of an unknown writer is the one by Doron Gal, although Gal has already written songs for a few Israeli artists in the past. The songs will be premiered on IBA's radio and on IBA Channel 1 on February 21st, after the news.

"I did not take part in the selection process, but I love all the 5 songs", said Boaz Mauda in the press conference. It was also informed that there is a possibility one or more of the songs will become a duet with a male or female singers, an idea that causes the speculation that Dana International herself will join Boaz on stage, singing her own composition with him. "The 5 songs represent different musical styles", said Mauda, although previous reports suggested thatmost of the 5 songs are ballads. Thismusical stylewas probably preferred by the jury panel in order to allow Boaz Mauda to easily perform with his unique voice.

The 2008 Kdam Eurovision will be broadcasted, for the first time ever, on Channel 2 rather than on IBA as always. If this year's innovation proves to be successful, IBA and Channel 2 intend on cooperating again next year.

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