Sweden: Meet Måns’ new backdrop video friend

by Robin Scott 1,341 views

Few days ago it was announced that the original backdrop video-mapping footage used for Måns Zelmerlöw in the Melodifestivalen selection process had to change due to copyright reasons.

The most impressive and unforgettable part of the winning song in the Swedish national final, the Melodifestivalen, was the very clever use of an animated figure. A little man which was interacting with the singer in such a cute way. At times they seemed to touch hands and you might easily mistake that the character was alive. Unfortunately this little buddy had to change.


The original character is being transformed and now has a new hat, a sweater, and more substantial body and also has been given a balloon.

As has been written on the Melodifestivalen we will see that the character that Måns interacts with has been well fed as he is plumper. It was suggested that the extra eating over the Easter period is to blame. Maybe too many Easter eggs! The umbrella that was carrying him into the air has now been substituted with a balloon. We are told that the rain has stopped so the umbrella is not needed.

The singer explained that there is a dancer, Dandy Punk, which has a similar old man in a video. There were some plagiarism accusations. I do not know who was right or wrong in it. I can understand that our old man was like another man, so we got rid of all the stuff.

The original cartoon figure was apparently internally dubbed MP. The initials stand for Måns Petter, and Måns Zelmerlöw has previously said that he imagines the figure of his own during a period in elementary school when he was insecure and needed support.

Måns made some sketches for SVT Culture to show the new figure



In an attempt to figure out how the new figure will be standing behind Måns, ESCToday team recreated a sample image. What do you think?


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