Austria: Conchita is in Australia!

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Last year’s Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst, visited Australia for the Logies and to promote her upcoming album. In a morning show Today, Conchita spoke about Guy Sebastian, this year’s Australian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.

First time in Australia, Conchita Wurst, the bearded lady from Austria which won the Eurovision trophy in Copenhagen last year, was guest at the morning show Today. During the promotional tour for the upcoming album release Conchita, she visited the Sydney Opera House where she took some pictures.

Guten Morgen aus Sydney! Ich liebe es, hier mein Album ‘Conchita’ bewerben zu dürfen, auch wenn ich nicht in der Oper…

Posted by Conchita Wurst on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Conchita at Today morning show

In her short interview Conchita commented over Guy Sebastian’s song Tonight again, the Australian wildcard entry in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

We met last weekend in London and he’s a very nice guy and I love the song. He’s a great live performer, he’s good looking which will help, and the Europeans are very excited about him

As for her victory last year, she explained that every memory I recreated by watching all these videos so I think that was a security function of my body not to pass out on the stage. I never thought that I would win even when the glitter was raining on me but it was amazing.

As for her Album?

I’m very excited because it’s my very first record so it’s my little baby.

Here’s Conchita in Channel9 TV’s Today programme

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