Amy & Paolo: Similar Songs

by Leif Raberg 170 views

Already this year, several songs involved in national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest have caused controversy. Now question marks have arisen over one of the four songs that are set to participate in Belgrade. The swiss entry Era stupendo has been accused of plagarism. The song it is said to be a copy of is It can only get better by none other than child prodigy and Melodifestivalen 2008 wildcard, Amy Diamond in Sweden.

The beginning of both Era stupenado and Amy´s songIt can only get better start in asimilar way, causing some people to call for the Swiss entry to be disqualified for plagarism. The subject is a hot topic in the Swedish press this week and is mentioned on Amy Diamond's website. Herfatherand manager Lee Deasismont has stated in the press that "They are very much alike. All the best in the song is from It can only get better".

Deasismontis believed to havecontacted one of the It can only get better songwriters, Tommy Tysper about the issue. He stated "I have never been in this situation before, we are going to sit down and listen to the songs and see what which measures we are going to take".

At this stage therefore, no action has been taken. Should the songwriters wish to lodge a complaint with the EBU, then the matter will most likely be investigated. believes that it is unlikely that Era stupendo, an early favourite with Eurovision Song Contest fans, will be disqualified or that a case of plagarism would prove successful.

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